Meet Our Nursing Stars

December 23, 2021

SJCH November Inpatient Nursing Stars

Each month we are shining a light on a few of our MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital care team members. Thank you for all you do for our patients and families!

November 2021 Nursing Stars

Josh Ambright

Josh is an informal leader on the pediatric ED (emergency department) unit. He is an amazing preceptor to our new staff. He is always looking ahead on the schedule to see any holes that he can pick up. He is a genuine person and everyone loves when he is at work. He always has a smile on his face and is always moving! He proactively looks to help other nurses when finished with his patients.

Val Smith-Rivers

Val was recognized for her amazing work ethic, assisting with stocking/organizing the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) during the move (from the old hospital to the new one), and for being so kind and a great team player.

Tori Cooke

Tori works in the PCICU (pediatric cardiac intensive care unit) and was recognized for always being willing to jump right in and help where needed.

Natalie Davis

Natalie is a nurse in the cardiac step-down unit and was recognized for “never missing a beat.” She went above and beyond to design and make the “Mater truck” (from the movie Cars) for one of our Berlin Heart patients for Halloween. Natalie always puts her patient’s first and goes out of her way to make their extended stay as comfortable as possible.

Courtenay Barfield

Courtenay gives of her time to be a voice for nursing on the NICU scheduling team. She even came in during her time off to complete a schedule for almost 200 employees by herself when the rest of the schedule team was sick. Courtenay is a true example of a team player.

Julie Hodges

Julie used her critical thinking skills to work out a plan to help a family expedite their baby’s discharge. She went above and beyond to educate the family and help them achieve their goal. Julie always puts patients and families first in the NICU.

Mikaela Arigo

Mikaela is a nurse on 8 Acute Care Unit as well as a member of the MUSC SANE (sexual assault nurse examiners) nursing team. She has been recognized by her peers for her attitude even during the most challenging shifts. She’s always so positive with a smile on her face and READY to work, picking up extra shifts and helping others during her regular shifts.

Christina Tindall

Chrissy started on 9 Acute Care Unit as a nurse in August of 2021 and she has jumped right in during an extremely busy time with a positive attitude. Her peers have recognized her for her willingness to help and the patients and their families recognize her for her excellent care.

Michaela Mavilia

Michaela is helpful and always a team player – we can count on her for anything we need. She is extremely compassionate and an incredible preceptor.