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Adolescent Substance Use Treatment Program

The MOTIVATE Program is an outpatient adolescent substance use treatment program. Our primary goal is to enhance a teen’s motivation to change their substance use and develop basic skills needed to quit using or gain control of substance use.

Alcohol and drug use among teenagers is on the rise. Early substance use initiation has been linked to academic and legal problems, health-related problems, poor psychological adjustment, and many other concerns.

  • Does your teen drink, smoke, or use any other drugs (even occasionally)?
  • Does your teen spend time with friends who use alcohol or drugs? (This is the strongest predictor that your teen uses, too.)
  • Does your teen have academic or legal problems because of their alcohol or drug use?
  • Are you worried that your teen may resort to alcohol or drug use because of other underlying problems (e.g., behavior problems, anger, depression, anxiety, emotional instability)?
  • Are you worried about your teen’s future alcohol or drug use because of family history of addiction or stressful home environment?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, call us in complete confidentiality.

Evidence-based techniques such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing, designed specifically for adolescents and their families, can help eliminate or reduce substance use and prevent negative consequences. 

Our Services


The first visit will consist of a thorough assessment to determine specific concerns and treatment goals. Results of the assessment can also be used to satisfy legal requirements. Together with your clinician, teens and their parents will decide on whether further treatment is needed. If so, you will discuss the length of treatment and parent involvement with your counselor.


Individual work with your teenager will focus on education about alcohol and drugs, and their effect on the mind and the body. We will help your teen understand his or her motives for using substances and teach your child how to recognize and cope with the triggers. We will help him or her build a healthy social network and move toward a healthy lifestyle. Depending on individual needs, more specific issues will be addressed (e.g., anxiety, depression, anger management).

Parent Education

Parents will be educated about the effects of substances and taught how to recognize if your teenager may be using. You will be taught behavioral management and communication techniques to help your teen maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

Medication Management

If needed your child’s counselor will coordinate with a child psychiatrist to evaluate your teenager and prescribe any necessary medication.

Drug Screening

Drug screens to meet legal requirements, or just for your peace of mind, are available at each clinic visit.

Call 843-792-5200 to schedule an assessment with Dr. Britany Byant to discuss your goals and appropriate options. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed. Assessment results, as well as the completion of this program, may be used to satisfy legal requirements.