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Two men bend over to strap a young man into a three-wheeled cycle outside a school

Pedals Possible

May 24, 2023

The newly formed nonprofit has already donated 21 adaptive bicycles – ones specifically designed for riders with special needs – to state public schools.

Packets of sugar, Splenda, Sweet'N Low, Equal and Equal are linked up with sweeteners pouring out of them.

Non-Sugar Sweeteners

May 22, 2023

Confused about sweeteners after new recommendation? MUSC dietitian has answers.

three bumpy purple lines intersect.

Invasive Strep

May 16, 2023

More than a dozen children have been diagnosed with invasive group A strep at MUSC Children’s Health since December.

Blue sign against backdrop of sea grass. The sign says COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. No congregating in groups larger than 10 and please maintain a 6 foot social distance from other parties.

Emergency Ends

May 11, 2023

May 11 marks end of COVID Public Health Emergency. MUSC scientist agrees the timing is right – but sees potential for another wave ahead.

Woman in a print dress stands beside a baby's hospital bed. She is resting her hand on the edge of it.

Better for Babies

May 10, 2023

New treatment approach for babies born dependent on opioids gets them healthy and home faster.

A little girl sitting on a woman's lap looks to the side. The woman is smiling and has long brown hair. A man wearing a striped shirt sits beside them. He also has brown hair.

Surprising Sounds

May 08, 2023

A little girl whose family refused to believe she'd never be able to hear finds a team that believed in her at MUSC Health - with awe-inspiring results.

Dr. Ford and others standing in front of the MUSC Hollings community health van

Vax Van

May 03, 2023

MUSC initiative aims to increase human papillomavirus vaccination rates in underserved communities.

Man with white hair and a beard sits outside wearing a blue open collared shirt.

Neurodevelopmental Research

April 18, 2023

MUSC to launch Center of Biomedical Research Excellence focusing on autism, other neurodevelopmental conditions, through $11.3 million NIH grant.

A man wearing a shirt and tie sits with a young woman wearing a black patterened top. They were smiling and working on a computer.

Autism Awareness

April 11, 2023

As new ways to diagnose and support people with autism emerge, MUSC gets creative – and gets great results.

One man coaches another, who is doing a modified form of pushups.

Health & Wellness Institute

March 27, 2023

“I hated the way I felt,” said retired restaurateur Mickey Bakst. That changed through the MUSC Health & Wellness Institute.

Showing 1 – 10 (of 465)