Children's Health Patient & Family Advisory Council

MUSC Children’s Health strives to incorporate the principles of patient-and family-centered care into every aspect of its practice, recognizing that parents and family members are the main support for their children and the constant in their lives. The hospital makes every effort to collaborate with families and enhance their control and independence.

The MUSC Children’s Health Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), established in 2005, is a partnership of family representatives and Children’s Hospital staff members working together to meet the needs of children and families. The group meets monthly to discuss issues such as patient-care, the environment, and healthcare policies and procedures. Families provide advice and are part of the decision making process. The main goal is to provide a collaborative environment that will enhance the experience for all patients and families at MUSC Children’s Health through patient-and family-centered care.

Children's Health PFAC Achievements

Committees: Members serve on hospital committees, including Safety Rounds and Patient Satisfaction groups as well playing an integral role in the design of the new Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital and Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion

Patient Handbook: Reviewed and revised the Children's Hospital Patient Handbook

Grand Rounds: Members share their stories at pediatric Grand Rounds.

Grants: CH PFAC awarded the Yes Family Fund Grant for family meal tickets

Design and Construction: Members provide feedback and participate in planning of new spaces. Parents have been assigned to the clinical teams as well as operational workgroups for the design of the new Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital and Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion.

Solutions for Patient Safety: Members give feedback and suggestions for ways to involve families in hospital safety initiatives to decrease harm and improve outcomes.

Education: Patient and Family Advisors share their stories to educate MUSC students, faculty and staff in classroom settings as well as recorded versions for our online learning modules.

Connect to Purpose: Patient and Family Advisors speak at MUSC leadership meetings and events. Members and their children participated in a taste testing night to choose new items for the pediatric menu.

Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care: Some members have received training sponsored by the Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care.

Support Group: The NICU “Parent Partner” is a peer support program that offers social and emotional support for parents in the neonatal nurseries.

Children's Health PFAC Meeting Schedule

The Council meets the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 the Children’s Hospital.

Contact the Children's Health PFAC

For more information about membership on the Council, please contact Caroline DeLongchamps, Manager of Patient-and Family-Centered Care – or 843-792-5081 or email Betsy McMillan, Child Life Manager and Staff Liaison for the PFAC. or 843-792-7064.