Invite Family & Friends to a Live Video Visit in Your Room

We care about family presence and visitation when you are in the hospital. Most rooms have special, highly-secured cameras that allow family and friends to visit from anywhere in the world using their internet-connected computer or smart phone! With the Virtual Inpatient Visitation Program, you can stay connected and safe from infections that could be spread in person.

Download Tip Sheet

Download the Vidyo Connect Patient Visitor Tip Sheet (PDF) for an illustrated guide to the Virtual Inpatient Visitation Program.

How Does the Virtual Inpatient Visitation Program Work?

Let’s say you want to video visit with Amy who is in the hospital

  • First call, text or message Amy or her family and ask if that would be okay.
  • If they say yes, give them your email address. They’ll need it to send an invite.

Amy or her family will

  • On the bedside iPad, select “Set Up Personal Options” from the list at the bottom of the home screen.
  • Click on “Invite People to Video Visit
  • Type in your email address
  • Click “Send my Invite

You will receive an email from “GetWellNetwork Video Visit,” saying “Someone in the hospital wants to video visit!”

  • If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to follow the links in the email to install VidyoMobile on your device (tablet, cell phone, etc.) or VidyoConnect on a computer with an attached webcam.
  • If you have already installed one of these applications, go straight to “Connecting Your Call.” (see below)

Installing VidyoMobile (For Smartphones and Tablets)

  • Click the “iOS (Apple)” or “Android (Play)” link in the invitation email.

    Don't have VidyoMobile? Download on the App Store       screenshot of VidyoMobile app for download
  • Accept the License agreement
  • Choose either “Don’t Allow” or “Allow” for Notifications, and Next
  • Enter a Display Name (your name), then click “Join”
  • If it says “VidyoConnect” would like to access the Camera, and you say OK, then Amy will see your smiling face while you visit!
  • If it says “VidyoConnect” would like to access the Microphone, and you say OK, then she will hear your voice (or music, or dog) loud & clear!

VidyoConnect Installation Instructions (For Computers)

  • Click the “WebURL” link in the invitation email to download the installer.
  • Select Download on the webpage and Save File.
  • End User Agreement – click Agree (or Quit, if you do not agree)
  • Close out of this, & go back to the invitation email to connect your call

Connecting Your Call

  • Once the VidyoMobile or VidyoConnect app is installed, you can go back to the invitation email and click on the box at the bottom saying, “I’m ready to visit.”
    • Join the Call … Open … Type in your name … Join
  • In the hospital, when Amy gets a message on her smart TV screen saying
    “Visit Requested,” she can choose either “Sorry, I’m Busy” or “Yes! Let’s Talk!”
  • If she says “Yes! Let’s Talk!” you will be connected in just a few seconds!
  • If she says “Sorry, I’m Busy” please wait to receive another email invitation. You know she wants to be in touch, but something came up.

It’s that easy. Have fun staying in touch with your family and friends :)