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Illustration with four lightbulbs, one of which is bursting with color, showing an idea.

Women Entrepreneurs

July 12, 2024

The CREW program encourages early-career women in science to become entrepreneurs.

CHP Project Sparkle

June 27, 2024

Project SPARKLE grant will prepare allied health students to provide early intervention services to kids.

OT student Maddie Gies holds up a white dry erase board that pediatric cancer patients can fill out to indicate fatigue levels

Gauging Fatigue

March 20, 2024

Parents and providers often underestimate the fatigue that pediatric cancer patients are experiencing. An OT student created a coloring book to help.

Sarah Dooley dressed as a Princess as a PowerTool for Reinvented Magazine's calendar

Princesses With Powertools

December 12, 2023

Graduate student Sarah Dooley shows young women that brilliant is beautiful by becoming a princess in the lab.

A family rides in a golf cart on the beach

Golf Cart Safety

October 27, 2023

MUSC Health’s pediatric trauma injury prevention coordinator talks about the dangers of motorized vehicles.

Two young female health care professionals sit on either side of a young Ugandan child who is smiling and has both hands up in the air.

Ugandan Wheelchairs

September 18, 2023

Every year, a group of MUSC students and professors fly to Uganda to spend a week and a half giving out wheelchairs to those in the greatest need.

A man and a woman in white scrubs stand outside in front of a wooden fence

Full Circle

February 23, 2023

For Jordan and Kaila Eaddy, MUSC is a part of their past, present and very-near future.

Cole putting on his white doctor's coat as he leaves his office

From Coat to Coat

February 09, 2023

From the operating room to the board room, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the life of MUSC President Dr. David Cole.

Nursing wearing a mask hugs a boy who is hugging her back.

Palliative Care

November 09, 2022

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month. While you may be familiar with hospice, palliative care is a lesser-known term.

Showing 1 – 10 (of 28)