Board Member Spotlight: Ashley Truluck

Marianna McGaha
May 24, 2024
The Truluck family posing for photo.
The Truluck Family

As a South Carolina native, Ashley Truluck finds herself overcome with joy and pride to have a world-class children’s hospital, such as the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital and Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion, in South Carolina. Truluck is an active member of the Children’s Hospital Fund Advisory Board and currently serves as chairwoman of the development committee.

“I am happy to offer my time and resources to support the initiatives of the staff to continue their excellence,” Truluck said. “I always tell my friends, God forbid they ever need to use the hospital, but in the unlikely case they do, they will be in the most capable hands in a cutting edge and beautiful facility, right here in our city.”

Truluck has found it to be a true honor to serve on the Children’s Hospital Fund Advisory Board, especially during these last few extraordinary years of opening the new MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital. She has found that working alongside the other advisory board members to witness the phases of design and construction of the new hospital to be amazing.

“Not only is the new building unbelievable, but watching the compassion and care that has gone into hiring the best doctors in the world and implementing the most innovative technologies and research programs has been nothing short of inspiring,” she said. “Volunteering my time to help the well-being of the hospital and the children it serves is very close and dear to my heart.”
Serving as the head of the development committee gives Truluck the opportunity to roll up her sleeves with a small team of people to focus on identifying others in the community that might share their same passion for children’s health.

Truluck finds the many volunteer and fundraising opportunities offered through her role on the advisory board as a fun opportunity to get to know members of and businesses in the community.

“Choosing just one favorite community event is difficult,” Truluck said. “From hospital tours and Radiothon, to golf tournaments and special concerts, there really is something to pique the interest of everyone.”

As head of the development committee, Truluck could not leave behind the chance to mention the children’s hospital’s needs.

“There are so many critical needs,” said Ashley. “Imagine being able to help provide critical care, fund groundbreaking research, or brighten a child’s day in the hospital.”