Board Member Spotlight: Alex Jenkins

Marianna McGaha
June 14, 2024
Alex Jenkins

Meet Alex Jenkins, one of the newest members of the Children's Hospital Fund (CHF) advisory board, and its new special events chairman. Although he’s a newcomer to the board, Alex is no stranger to the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital and Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion.

His commitment was sparked during the campaign to build the new children’s hospital. “What I learned is that we, as leaders in the community, have a responsibility to stand in the gap for families, women and children in our state in their time of need, ensuring they receive the care they deserve,” Alex said.

In his view, board membership extends beyond financial contributions. It's about leveraging time, talent, connections, businesses, and influential positions to create a meaningful impact. “Serving on the board offers a tangible way to give back through all these dimensions,” he asserts.

For Alex, leading the special events committee feels like a full circle moment. “My family first got involved with MUSC Children’s Health 10 years ago,” he said. "I started as an event attendee, became a donor, volunteered as a board member, and now, I get to chair the committee."

As special events chairman, choosing a favorite event is a challenge for Alex. “For me, it’s a tie between our annual Bulls Bay Golf Tournament and the annual Cares for Kids Radiothon,” Alex confessed. Both events hold a special place in his heart for different reasons and raise significant funding for children’s health.

When talking to donors, board members and community members, Alex emphasizes the ripple effect of any contribution made to the children’s hospital. "Your gift, whether time or money, has far-reaching impacts beyond what you can imagine," he explained.

Alex also highlights the role of the Darby Children’s Research Institute (DCRI), which allows donations to have a global impact. Through DCRI, donors could potentially fund a medical breakthrough that could improve or even save children’s lives worldwide.

In essence, Alex Jenkins isn't just a board member. He's a passionate advocate, a dedicated leader, and, above all, a champion of children's health.