Pediatric Travel Clinic

The pediatric travel clinic offers comprehensive services for children of all ages, young adults and adults up to the age of 50 who are planning a trip out of the country. Clinic physicians are pediatricians who have received additional training in tropical medicine and traveler’s health. Our clinic is an official yellow fever vaccination center certified by SC Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Services Provided Pre-travel

  • Counseling on preventive measures including insect protection, food and water precautions, prevention of insect-borne infections and blood-borne diseases, high altitude sickness, approach to illness while traveling and environmental risks.
  • Counseling on special precautions to take with young children regarding air travel safety, diarrhea and dehydration, sun and insect protection, and malaria prevention.
  • We provide both routine and travel-specific vaccinations.
  • Prescriptions for malaria prevention and treatment of traveler’s diarrhea are available.

Services Provided Post-travel

  • Follow up care is available for children with travel-related illness.
  • We offer booster vaccinations as needed.

Scheduling Your Appointment

We recommend scheduling your appointment at least four to six weeks prior to your trip. Please bring the following to your appointment: a list of medications you are taking, allergies, prior vaccinations and your travel itinerary.

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