COVID-19 Visitation Guidelines

COVID-19 Children’s and Women’s Health Visitation Guidelines for the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital & Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion & Ambulatory facilities

Last Updated: 6/6/2020 4:30 p.m.

Our primary goal at MUSC Health is the safety of our patients, families, and care team members. We are closely monitoring the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic and making changes hourly to respond to the challenges and uncertainty resulting from this situation.

We are following CDC guidelines and learning from other Children’s and Women’s Hospitals around the country. Therefore, in addition to the screening and hand hygiene protocols currently in place, we are now limiting family presence and visitation for your safety and the safety of your child or unborn baby.

This will mean:

  • Family members and patients will wear masks while in the hospital any time they are in public spaces and when a care team member is in their room, when able.

  • Two (2) parents, guardians or caregivers at a time will be permitted to be at the bedside with their child. No other family members will be permitted into the hospital or allowed to visit.

  • For pregnant mothers, one (1) significant other will be permitted to enter the hospital or be at the mother’s bedside.

  • Please immediately notify staff if a caregiver starts to feel any symptoms of a cold or flu.

For the safety of our care team, family members/caregivers who have symptoms of COVID or have tested positive for COVID, will not be able to remain in the hospital with the patient, even if the patient has COVID. They will be asked to find someone else who does not have COVID symptoms to stay with the patient.

We realize these guidelines place additional stress on you and your family. Most rooms have special, highly-secured cameras that allow family and friends to visit using their internet-connected computer or smart phone! So, you can stay connected AND safe from infections that could be spread from person to person.

Any special concerns and questions can be routed through your care team members to the hospital supervisor. Please let us know what we can do to help you navigate this experience while receiving care at our hospital.

Reviewed by, and in collaboration with, the MUSC Patient and Family Advisory Council.