Burned Children's Fund

SC Burned Childrens Fund logoMUSC Children's Hospital Burned Children's Fund is a continuation of a program founded in 1986 by South Carolina's firefighters and MUSC Children's Hospital to ease the recovery process for MUSC's pediatric burn patients and their families. Donations to this fund support South Carolina's only referral center for pediatric burns, MUSC Children's Hospital Pediatric Burn Center.

Our Mission 

To be a partner in each burned child’s recovery by:

  • Providing funding for non-medical items and services critical to the recovery of pediatric burn patients, including wound care and rehabilitative equipment
  • Providing funding for patients’ and families’ basic needs during treatment such as food, lodging, clothing, and transportation
  • Educating parents and family members about burn care and safety, funding for burn recovery handbooks and materials
  • Funding needed improvements and supplies to provide the highest quality of burn care: Pediatric burn hydrotherapy room, medications, dressing supplies
  • Educating burn care providers by sponsoring Advanced Burn Life Support courses for physician and nursing staff, American Burn Association membership for the Pediatric Burn Team, burn care conference attendance, and continuing education
  • Supporting burn injured patients’ emotional well-being during and after treatment: Child Life Specialist support, toys and activities for distraction and exercise, FAN Club Support program, School Re-entry program and parent/teacher assistance, Annual Camp ‘Can’ Do, image enhancement through special clothing, make-up consultations, wigs
  • To promote burn awareness and fire prevention throughout South Carolina by supporting:
    • Appropriate program development and implementation
    • Training of fire safety instructors
    • Participation in public awareness campaigns
    • Development of teaching aids
    • Funding for workshops for fire and life safety educators

Contact Us

Tiffany Smith, BSN, RN | 843-985-1775

Camp Can Do

The Burned Children's Fund and the Pediatric Burn Center co-sponsor Camp 'Can' Do, a camp designed specially for burned children. The Burned Children's Fund also supports the FAN Club. This program matches firefighters with burned children to help them return to school as well as educate their classmates about the child's experience. Also accomplished is the creation of a hydrotherapy area in MUSC Children's Hospital, improving the necessary, but unpleasant dressing changes and treatments a burned child must endure.

Burn Awareness/Fire Prevention Education Grants

The Burned Children's Fund welcomes grant applications from members of fire service, injury prevention, and health care organizations. Any agency/organization within South Carolina is eligible to apply for these grants, with priority consideration given to those agencies/organizations who are active sponsors of the Burned Children’s Fund and/or Camp 'Can' Do. The purpose of this grant program is to provide assistance to agencies/organizations that participate in burn awareness and fire prevention-related educational activities.

Please download the application (PDF) for more information and instructions.