2N Child & Adolescent Clinic No Show Policy

We are a very busy clinic with a long waiting list of children and families that need our professional help. As such, we must weigh the needs of our current clients against those in the community waiting to get the help that they need

With that in mind, we have a very simple and strict No Show policy for our clients. A No Show is defined as the absence of a client or family at the scheduled time of an appointment or a cancellation by a client or family with less than 24 hours notice.

  1. First No Show – we recognize that life happens. One no show will not result in any repercussions to your status as a patient in the Child and Adolescent Clinic.

  2. Second No Show Show – after the second no show the clinic assumes that the family may not need the clinic’s services as often as they are being scheduled. At this time, you will be asked to come into our Tuesday morning walk in clinic to get re-established with the clinic.

  3. Third No Show – at this time we will assume that you no longer need the services of the Child and Adolescent Clinic, and you will be removed from our treatment roster. You may call to re-establish care with the schedulers and you will be placed on the list of patients/families waiting to receive treatment.

Thank you for choosing the MUSC Child and Adolescent Psychiatry clinic. If you are going to miss an appointment, please inform the clinic as soon as you are aware, and more that 24 hours in advance (as this allows us enough time to fill the open appointment with another client waiting to be seen for help).