Education & Safety for Children with Autism to Prevent Elopement (ESCAPE)

Young child running down cobblestone.

Children with autism are at increased risk for elopement, which is a potentially dangerous behavior such as dashing or wandering away from safe settings. This study will provide elopement prevention kits for eligible children with autism spectrum disorder at no-cost to families. Caregivers will be asked to rate how useful individual kit items are at reducing elopement, and to provide feedback about how ESCAPE kits affect their stress levels and ability to engage meaningfully in community settings. This information will be used to guide development of a larger elopement prevention program and families will be compensated for completing these ratings.

At this time, we are not recruiting participants for the ESCAPE study. However, we hope to continue this work again in the future. Please bookmark this site and check back for updates.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this study!

Questions? Contact the research team at 843-714-1352 or