COVID-19: Children's Health leadership update

Mark Scheurer, M.D., and Andrew Atz, M.D.
June 25, 2020
Child puts mask on teddybear

Dear friends,

As we shared the past two months, MUSC Health is rethinking almost every aspect of health care delivery. Passion and compassion for our diverse communities will always be a constant, but how we deliver that care may have forever changed.

Recovery takes many forms. From instilling trust in the health care environment to the financial rebuilding of the health system, we need to prepare for unanticipated challenges while remaining present for today’s new normal. Our teams have worked tirelessly to reopen all our physical locations with additional safety measures in place, while we continued to offer virtual visits. These efforts will allow the community to safely seek care which will, in turn, help the financial wellbeing of our health system. No one is certain of what lies ahead but we know preparation for the unknown is a necessity.

As always, we seek to collaborate with you who are critical to our mission and goals. Assisted by your support and understanding of the health care delivery and financial hurdles that lie ahead, we will recover.

Mark Scheurer, M.D., and Andrew Atz, M.D.
MUSC Children’s Health 


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Mark Scheurer, M.D., and Andrew Atz, M.D.

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