School-Based Wellness Initiative

Children doing yoga with teacher

The MUSC BCCW School-Based Wellness Initiative works to create a culture of wellness by providing direct support and motivation for K-12 schools and districts as they implement evidence-based wellness strategies. The Initiative is designed to engage the school community in creating a healthy learning environment through the utilization of the School Wellness Checklist© (SWC©), support from an MUSC BCCW Program Coordinator, and an active school wellness committee. 

The SWC© is an implementation tool that provides participating schools with evidence-based strategies and resources to assist them in making the policy, systems, and environmental changes required to build and sustain a culture of wellness. The SWC© offers a variety of these evidence-based strategies that schools can choose from to best meet the needs of their staff and students. Schools implementing significant wellness changes throughout the school year receive a monetary Wellness Award to grow and sustain their wellness initiatives the following year.

Program Coordinators provide ongoing support and training to districts and schools by guiding them through the implementation of wellness strategies, collaborating with community partners, and aiding in sustainability planning. The school wellness committees implement policies and practices from the SWC© that focus on the health and well-being of students, staff, and families while working with the Program Coordinators to build relationships within the community for better alignment of community wellness efforts.